To weave a fabric of trust and dependability with our customers we have equipped
ourselves with the state-of-the-art in Waterjet Looms and an equally modern preparatory

It is,however, our end to end integration with an in-house yarn as well as fabric division
that gives us an edge and helps us understand our customer requirements better and
potential issues they may face before they actually crop up. Quality control becomes
far simpler when we have our own in-house mass producing test bed that catches any
flaws before they have a catastrophic impact for our customers.

We produce and market primarily greige fabric that finds an end-use in the following
two domains:

  • Curtains/Home Furnishing segment
    Our premier product in this segment is the Polyester Organza Tissue greige fabric
    that is used to a large degree in Embroidered Sheer Curtains. We are proud to say
    that this product has won us acclaim in being able to deliver quality in such a
    sensitive product.
  • Suitings
    We manufacture a significant quantum of Polyester Fancy Suiting fabric in a wide
    variety of specifications. Our widths in this range of fabric typically vary from 54"
    to 70" and we use our indepth knowledge and inhouse production capabilities in
    fancy yarns to produce various Melange look and other fancy suitings.

Our product range in this category is vast and highly customized to the customers
needs.Please feel free to contact us for a discussion and exhibition of our entire
product line up.


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